2017 EAEE Portrait Event - November 1-3

Portrait Schedule

Thank you for signing up for school portraits.  Your portrait schedule is below.  We spread the 17 children out over three days so we will be able to photograph all of them in the first two hours of school while they are fresh.  We are looking forward to working with your children!!!

~Jenny & Heather


  • Cayden G · Wednesday
  • Parker L · Friday



  • Harper R · Thursday
  • Maxwell P · Friday
  • Isabel P · Friday


Pre Kindergarten

  • Sienna M · Wednesday
  • Maya G · Thursday



  • Ela V · Wednesday


First Grade

  • Logan E · Thursday



  • Sam, Logan & Reagan S · Wednesday
  • Liam & Vivian S · Wednesday
  • Alexander & Penelope M · Thursday
  • Hudson & Hunter B · Friday

I am looking forward to working with the students at EAEE.

It is quite an honor to be invited back this year. As always, I hope to make the whole process from registration to portrait delivery as easy as possible. In the past, I have passed out envelopes and collected the initial deposit via check. This year I have streamlined the process and all portrait sign-ups and registrations will be done on-line.


 Important Dates

  • Friday, October 27: On-line registration and deposit deadline
  • Monday, October 30: Portrait schedules available on-line
  • Wednesday - Friday, November 1-3: Portrait days
  • Friday, November 10: Proofs will be available on-line
  • Friday, November 17: Order deadline
  • Thursday, November 30: Orders will be delivered to the school

Registration, Deposit & Schedule

Registration Deadline & Portrait Schedule

  • Registrations and deposits will be taken on-line.
  • The registration deadline is Friday, October 27.
  • The portrait schedule will be made over the weekend and will be available to you on Monday, October 30th.
  • It is very important that all registrations be done on time so I can focus on making the schedule. Late registrations make this process extremely difficult for me.
  • I thank you, in advance, for understanding and completing your registration in a timely manner!


Deposit and Gift Certificate

  • A $30 deposit per child will be collected at this time to secure your portrait session.
    (1 child: $30, 2 children: $60, 3 children: $90)
  • Once the portrait proofs are posted on-line, you will receive an e-mail with your unique digital gift certificate code valued at $30 per child. You will use this gift certificate code when placing your on-line order.
  • If an order is not placed by the order deadline (November 17, 2017), you will receive a default print collection for each child using the images of my choice.

Portrait Proofs & Orders

On-Line Proofing & Ordering

  • All proofs will be available on-line on or before Friday, November 10th.
  • Orders will be taken on-line; don't forget to apply your gift certificate code to receive credit for your deposit.


Number of Proofs

  • Some children will have 3 or 4 proofs, while other children will have a few more.
  • This is not because I like one child more than another.  They are all precious to me.
  • The number of proofs for each child is determined by how our mini photo session went. In some cases, children are full of expressions and laughter. In other cases, things can be a bit more serious, and I have to work harder to get a few good shots.
  • In any situation, I promise to always do my best when creating images of your child.


Order Deadline

  • The order deadline is Friday, November 17th.
  • If an order is not placed by the order deadline, you will receive a default print collection for each child using the image of my choice.
  • The default collection consists of 4-4x5 prints.


Minimum Order

  • Minimum order is $40 per child. 
  • Detailed pricing information is available at the bottom of this web page.


Portrait Delivery

  • All orders will be delivered to The Goddard School on or before Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Detailed Pricing Information

Print Collection Pricing 

  • Pkg  A: 1-10x13, 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-4x5 & 8-wallets ($96)
  • Pkg  B: 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-4x5 & 8-wallets ($72)
  • Pkg  C: 1-8x10, 2-5x7 & 8-wallets ($57)
  • Pkg  D: 2-5x7 & 8-wallets ($40)


Single Sheet Pricing 

  • 1-8x10 ($25)
  • 2-5x7 ($25)
  • 4-4x5 ($25)
  • 8-wallets ($25)


Deluxe Wall Portraits
(Mounted for stability, ready to frame  |  Digital image included)

  • 11x14 ($84)
  • 16x20 ($104)
  • Custom and larger sizes available upon request


Canvas Mount Wraps
(Canvas mounted & wrapped around a 1" box, ready to hang  |  Digital image included)

  • 11x14 ($124)
  • 16x20 ($154)
  • Custom and larger sizes available upon request


Framed Prints
(Images matted and framed, ready to hang  |  Digital image included)

  • Single, 1-8x10 ($188)
  • Framed Duo, 2-5x7 ($188)
  • Framed Trio, 3-5x7 (204)
  • Framed Quartet, 4-4x5 ($188)
  • All Squared Away, 4-4x4 ($188)
  • Custom and larger frame options available upon request


Digital Image Pricing

  • Digital images will be available with the purchase of a package or single sheet
  • $25 each


Digital Image Collections

  • 3 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($120)
  • 4 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($144)
  • 5 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($175)
  • 6 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($204)
  • 7 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($231)
  • 8 digital images accompanied by 1-4x5 print of each file  ($256)

Registration & Deposit

Registration Deadline:  Friday, October 27, 2017


I know that this is the week before I start photographing at EAEE, but it takes quite a bit of time to process all the paperwork and make a schedule that works for everybody. I thank you, in advance, for registering in a timely manner!